Send us an Email a  to book your flight..
Specify the date, the number of person who has to fly, if you want a video and leave us an Email address and a contact phone number.
We will reply as soon as possible to arrange your flight.
The day of the flight, you will be contacted by your pilot if the weather is not suitable. Your flight will be postponed to a later date.. If you do not heard from us, this means that the flight will take place as expected.
We are unfortunately not able to accept electronic payments, we therefore ask you to pay in cash.

You also have the possibility to offer a flight as a gift.We will send you a gift voucher that you can deliver has the happy beneficiary.

Thank you for choosing email rather than phone to contact us

Aérodrome de Namur Suarlée
Rue Capitaine Aviateur Jacquet 44
5020 Suarlée


IBAN BE96 9730 0331 4505

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