Frequently Asked Questions.

Will I be fit for such a flight ?

No need to be a certified jet fighter pilot to fly with us, normal physical condition is more than enough. In case of any doubt, feel free to contact us( for further information.
Unfortunately, technical requirements forbids us to board passengers above 100Kg.

How to Book ?

Send us an email ( In the unfortunate event that nobody picks up the phone, please leave a detailed message with your name and phone number ad we will get back to you as soon as possible.

booked a flight but the weather is bad

In the morning of your flight, we will call you to confirm that the weather condition is suitable for the flight. In case of bad weather, your flight will be postponed to a later date at your best convenience. Consider that the flight will take place as planned. If the weather forecast won't allow any flight, we will contact you in the morning to cancel
In other words, if you do not have any news from us, it means that the flight will happen as scheduled.

How are funds used ?

We are paying particular attention to aircraft maintenance. All funds, without exeption, are dedicated to keep our airplanes airworthy.

I read that there is an opportunity to take a vdeo during the flight, how do they look like ?

A still HD camera is mounted on the left wing tip. A wide angle objective allows to take picture a large part of the fuselage. Your pilot will be pleased to shoot pictures while flying inverted.

Where will I be seated ?

The commander is seating in the back seat and you will enjoy the ride from the front seat

What about dress code ?

In a comfortable way; a jeans, a jump suit, a light wind proof jacket, sport shoes. Ladies, please refrain to wear high heels shoes as they are complicating boarding.

Should I eat before ?

It is not recommended to fly aerobatic routines with an empty stomach but it is also not recommended to fly with a full stomach. Avoid heavy meals and excessive amount of liquids even water. It is better to eat « dry » food. As exemple, a sandwich is more suitable than soup. For safety reasons, we will not board passengers under the influence of alcoholic beverages or legal or illegal drugs.

Will I suffer from airsickness ?

It is very unusual that our passenger suffers from airsickness. We do take all precautions to avoid such inconveniences, after all, this is YOUR flight ! We are flying straight line after each manoeuvres to gives you some breathing time. In the unlikely event that you should feel bad, warn your pilot as soon as possible, he will organise the flight in the most possible comfortable way. Please, do not wait to feel really sick before raising your point, it will be then too late.

What kind of aerobatic manoeuvres will be flown ?

Our standard aerobatic sequence includes mostly comfortable positive manoeuvres such a looping, inverted flight, stall turn, aileron rolls, barrel rolls, half Cuban height, inverted half Cuban height, roll of the loop, and if you are motivated, your pilot can introduce more advanced manoeuvres such as spins, hesitation rolls,...
Loading factors will never exceed +4G and -2G.

How long last a standard aerobatic flight ?

Based on our experience, we know that 20 minutes is enough to give you the flavour of what aerobatic can be. A longer flight will most probably exceed normal passenger capabilities to stand acceleration and unusual attitude he will be put into.
Our aerobatic training flights do not exceed 20 minutes either.

I would like to have a longer flight than the standard flight

Let us know your expectations at booking time ( +32 (0) 487 420.959 or, we will be please to provide you a quotation for that specific flight.

I am an bit scared about aerobatics but I would love to fly in an open cockpit airplane

It is possible to fly a normal flight without any aerobatics manoeuvres, just warn you r pilot before take off.

I would like to organise an event with customers, colleagues or employees of my company

We can organise a whole day program and add other aerobatic airplanes to our fleet Get in touch with us ( to detail your project.

I have other questions which are not covered in this FAQ

Get in touch with us ( and we will be happy to answer all your questions.