• David

    Relationships with our partners.
    Airline Pilot
    Airbus 320  -   13000 Hours.
    Enjoy long inverted flight sessions.

  • Guillaume

    Airline Pilot / Instructor
    Airbus 320  -  7000 hours.
    Addicted to Stampe aerobatics.

  • Ben M

    Technical support airplanes
    Airline Pilot
    Boeing 747  -  13000 Hours
    Get a Stampe back together in the dark blindfolded..

  • Ben D

    Technical Administration
    Boeing 737  -  15000 Hours
    Airline Pilot
    High level modeller with several wins in international radio controlled aerobatic championship

  • Did

    Vice President
    Technical support airplanes
    Airline Pilot
    DHC-6  - 7000 Hours
    Convinced that aerobatics is comparable to dancing 3D salsa .

  • Julie

    Booking / Planning

    VW Polo - 110.000 Km
    She’ll answer your mails and will talk to you on the phone.

  • Jerome

    Airline Pilot
    Airbus A320 - 13000 Hours
    Practices his scales in the Stampe when airborne and on a tenor sax while on the ground.