• 30 November 2021 Airplane Fabric coverage Stampe SV4 article

    Airplane fabric coverage guide

    The art of airplane fabric covering explained.

    Article here

  • 02 March 2020 Aviasport Stampe SV4 article

    Aviasport Dossier Stampe SV4

    Article here

  • 28 September 2019 Pilot flight manual

    Belgian Air Force Stampe SV4 Flight Manual

    Manual here

  • 25 November 2016 Pilot flight manual

    Student pilot basic manual for Stampe SV4

    Unknown source short pilot flight manual (french ) with some funny cartoons.
    Manual here

  • 25 November 2016 Pitts spin

    In depth on Pitts spins

    All possible ways to spin and revover from a spin on a Pitts.
    Article here

  • 20 November 2016 SA flyer article

    Comparing the Chipmunk, Pitts S2A and Extra 200

    SA Flyer article about those legendary aerobatic airplanes from three different generations.
    Article here

  • 15 November 2016 Red Bull Formation

    Formation flying training manual

    How do they do it ? Answer is in the manual.
    Manual here

  • 10 November 2016 Neil Williams

    Pitts S2A test report from Neil Williams.

    How does it feel to fly the Pitts S2A according to Neil Williams (in french).
    Article here

  • 4 November 2016 Tiger Moth

    Comparing the Stampe SV4 and the Tiger Moth.

    Compararison of these two iconic vintage airplanes.
    Article here

  • 31 October 2016 Tripadvisor

    Sensation Voltige on Tripadvisor

    We are proud to annouce that we are now on Tripadvisor.
    Read how customers rate their flight experience by clicking on the Tripadvisor icon.

  • 15 October 2016 Couverture Piloter

    Stampe test flight from magazine "Piloter".

    Long and detailed article about the Stampe including a flight test report .
    Article here

  • 10 October 2016 Taildragger

    Understanding the challenge of a taildragger

    Interesting article from Alan Cassidy to understand the challenge and technique of flying a taildragger.
    Article here

  • 15 March 2013 Sportman-2013

    Belgian National Aerobatic 2013

    The known Q program for the Belgian National Aerobatic 2013 is now published.
    More info can be found at http://www.belgianaerobaticclub.be/

  • 05 March 2013 Pitts S2A

    Our Pitts S2A is back.

    Our Pitts S2A is back from Antwerp, where it stayed for several weeks for winter maintenance. A brand new canopy have been fitted and It is now ready for the aerobatic season !

  • 11 February 2013 La Ferte Alais airshow

    La Ferté Alais Airshow - France

    This year, the La Ferté Alais airshow will take place on 18 and 19 May 2013.
    High quality airshow with numerous classic airplanes.
    Poster by Romain Hugault.

  • 05 February 2013

    Sensation Voltige new website

    After two years of good services, we decided to change the design of our website. Easier and faster access are the most significant changes to it. You can also become fan of our face bookpage where we are publishing regular updates and news.fb.